Tailor Izey had opened up his Tailoring Shop in 1982 at 77 Union Pl., Summit NJ. Since then
the shop has been serving Customers from New Jersey and New York. In 2010 Ken and
His Wife Pinar took over the shop keeping Izey as a partner. There are thousands of
satisfied customers in NJ and New York who visit our shop regularly.

Business Executives, Investment Bankers, Stockbrokers, Lawyers and Diplomats, Brides &
Grooms and other distinguished men and women visit us for the unsurpassed comfort,
style and elegance of meticulously tailored clothing that fits perfectly.

Below you may find information about our 3 Master Tailors Pinar, Izey and Vincent.
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Master Tailor Pinar has been making
Wedding Dresses, Dresses for Ladies,  
doing alterations for more than 30 years.
With her Husband Ken She owns the shop
"Tailoring By Ken & Pinar".  
Master Tailor Izey opened up his shop
"Tailoring By Izey" in 1982. Since then he has
been serving in Summit NJ. He has been in
the business for over 50 years. He makes
Custom Made Suits for men.
Master Tailor Vincent. has been doing long
years. He is expert on Custom Made Suits.
He has been in this field for more than 50